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"Ageing well is an art". Our close and dynamic team proves so every day. We are all highly motivated and passionate about our job and for each one of us the physical, mental and social wellbeing of our residents is pivotal.
Working at Qaly means becoming part of a great story, where quality, professionalism and focus on the person prevail.
Peter Musch, director

Peter Musch, director

Making our residents happy is our main driver

We go for a personal and respectful way of caring for our residents, which entails we respect their individual persona, apart from providing expert, customised care and nursing. We make time for a talk, in order to understand each of our residents’ needs (physical, social, mental) and to liaise with our team of occupational therapists, physiotherapists, animators, cooks, management, … in order to fulfil these wishes and needs.   Looking after and making our people happy, is our main driver, and what makes Qaly stand out.    

We go for shipshape!

We don’t like doing half work. Everywhere needs to be shipshape, at any moment. Whenever we can, we have a chat with the residents: they look forward to us cleaning their room, but just as much for some small talk. We feel great when we see our residents smiling we knock on their door in the morning. A great start to the rest of a great day! 

Only the best is good enough for our residents

The standard of quality is high at Qaly, which to our team poses a welcome daily challenge.
Not only do we serve our residents tasty meals and a varied menu, we also pay attention to the presentation and table service, in our brasserie as well as in the dining room of our residential care centre. We aim to create a restaurant atmosphere. We therefore cater to our residents’ preferences and special requests, surprising them from time to time with a glass of bubbles, a luxury breakfast and a festive lunch on Sundays.
Qaly stands for "Quality Adjusted Life Years", a measure in medicine for life years and quality of life.
This quality of life, both physical, mental, and social is our core focus.
It is in the DNA of our staff and our organisation.

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