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The minimum age for residents in a sheltered housing apartment is 65. Variations from this rule may be possible in consultation with the management. Residents need light to moderate levels of care but are still self-reliant.
If you are 65, then as soon as the residence opens. If you are letting your sheltered housing apartment temporarily, then expect a waiting period of at least 24 months. Of course, as an owner you will have priority on the waiting list to live in an equivalent apartment and will also have priority for acceptance to the residential care home.
Of course. You can sell a sheltered housing apartment or flat like any other real estate.
Yes, of course. All the facilities and rooms in Residence Qaly are available to our residents
Residents of sheltered housing apartments/flats must be sufficiently able and mobile. The presence of the residential care home in the complex makes it possible to delay the move as long as possible. Exceptional situations will be discussed in confidence with the family and GP
Of course, the residence guarantees that residents will be surrounded by the best care 24/7. A professional team is responsible for nursing and care. There are also kinesiologists, ergotherapists and support staff on site.
You have a free choice of doctor for treatment.
The basic services are offered to all residents as standard and are mandatory. These cover the permanent presence of health care staff and the emergency call system, the maintenance of communal areas and the garden, your private liability insurance etc.Optional services are also charged but not mandatory to take. These include meals, visits from a hairdresser, treatment in the wellness section, domestic help etc.
By obtaining approval from the Flemish Government, residents are guaranteed that the apartments have been built (safety, accessibility, quality, energy) and are used (service) entirely in compliance with the legislation in force.